Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Why Decentering the Family Court System Won't Decrease Criminalization of Intimate Partner Violence--and Why That's a Problem (2023)

Discretion and Credibility, Dignity and Mercy: The Case of PT, a Criminalized Survivor (2023) (with Lila Meadows)

Criminalized Survivors and the Promise of Abolition Feminism (2023)

Assessing the Impact of the Violence Against Women Act (2022)

The Anti-Rape and Battered Women's Movements of the 80s and 90s (2022)

Gender-Based Violence, Law Reform, and the Criminalization of Survivors of Violence (2021)

Reimagining VAWA: Why Criminalization is a Failed Policy and What a Non-Carceral VAWA Could Look Like (2020)

Surveillance and Entanglement: How Mandatory Sex Offender Registration Impacts Criminalized Survivors of Human Trafficking (2020) (with Kate Mogulescu)

Domestic Violence Mandatory Arrest Policies and Arrests for Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex Intimate Partner Violence After Legalization of Same Sex Marriage in the United States (2020) (with Alesha Durfee)

Gender, Protection Orders, and Intimate Partner Violence in Later Life: A Study of Protective Order Filings in Arizona (2020) (with Alesha Durfee)

The Impact of Prosecutorial Misconduct, Overreach, and Misuse of Discretion on Gender Violence Victims (2019)

Understanding and Addressing Women's Use of Force in Intimate Relationships: A Retrospective (2019) (with Lisa Young Larance, Susan L. Miller, and Shamita Das Dasgupta)

Restorative Justice as Feminist Practice (2018)

Should Domestic Violence Be Decriminalized? (2017)

Hands Up at Home: Militarized Masculinity and Police Officers Who Commit Intimate Partner Abuse (2015)

“Law and Justice Are Not Always the Same”: Creating Community Based Justice Forums for People Subjected to Intimate Partner Abuse (2015)

CONVERGEing Around the Study of Gender Violence: The Gender Violence Clinic at the University of Maryland Carey School of Law (2015)

Stalled at 20: VAWA, the Criminal Justice System, and the Possibilities of Restorative Justice (2014)

Transgender People, Intimate Partner Abuse, and the Legal System (2013)

Clinical Cognitive Dissonance: The Values and Goals of Domestic Violence Clinics, the Legal System, and the Students Caught in the Middle (2012)

Mothers, Domestic Violence, and Child Protection: An American Legal Perspective (2010)

Autonomy Feminism: An Anti-Essentialist Critique of Mandatory Interventions in Domestic Violence Cases (2009)

Reframing Domestic Violence Law and Policy: An Anti-Essentialist Proposal (2009)

When is a Battered Woman Not a Battered Woman? When She Fights Back (2008)

The Punishment of Dixie Shanahan: Is There Justice for Battered Women Who Kill? (2007)

Law is the Answer? Do We Know That For Sure? Questioning the Efficacy of Legal Interventions for Battered Women (2004)


Opinion Pieces

Summer Heat is Killing Incarcerated People--It's Cruel and Unusual Punishment, Truthout (2023) (with Kwaneta Harris)

Criminalized Survivors Face Judgement and Abuse From Their Own Defense Attorneys, Truthout (2023) (with Kwaneta Harris)

Prison Can't Prevent Domestic Abuse. Transformative Accountability Programs Can, Truthout (2023) (with Floyd D. Collins)

Criminalizing Survival, Inquest (2023) (excerpted from Imperfect Victims)

Let's Abolish Systems That Criminalize and Punish Survivors of Abuse, Truthout (2023) (with Kwaneta Harris)

Criminalized Survivors Deserve Sentencing Reform, Gotham Gazette (2022)

To Free Them All, Inquest (2022)

Something on Women, Inquest (2022)

Prosecuting Victims of Sex Trafficking Doesn't Make Baltimore Safer, Maryland Matters (2022) (with Kate D'Adamo and Jessica Emerson)

Is Criminalization the Right Response to Domestic Violence? New Internationalist (2021) (with Stella Nyanzi)

Beyond Criminalizing Domestic Violence, Alchemist Magazine (2021)

Domestic Violence is Also a Virus, New York Daily News (2020) (with Aya Gruber)

Help Domestic Violence Victims with Real Solutions, The Oklahoman (2020)

Victims Shouldn't Be Forced To Testify Against Their Partners, The Baltimore Sun (2019)

Stop Treating Domestic Violence Differently From Other Crimes, The New York Times (2019)

Why Survivors of Domestic Violence Should Support Bail and Discovery Reform in NYS, City Limits (2019)

The Violence Against Women Act is Unlikely To Reduce Intimate Partner Violence--Here's Why, The Conversation (2018)

Jailing Rape and Domestic Violence Victims is an Abuse of Prosecutors’ Power, Feministing (2016)

Domestic Violence is Often Omitted from Sentencing Reforms.  Here's Why That's a Mistake, The Conversation (2016)

Beware the Unintended Consequences of Police-Worn Body Cameras, The Conversation (2015) (with Heather Douglas)

Nowhere to Run: Intimate Partner Violence and the Problem with Police, Fusion (2015)

Healthy Alternatives to Prosecution Can Help Victims, New York Times (2014)